Admiral’s Row

Admiral’s Row Buildings, circa 1855

Illustrated by

Lucy Sikes

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September 2007 Letter

from the US Air National Guard

Longevity Party!

October 20th and 21st, 2007


Admiral’s Row sketches

by Lucy Sikes

Please review the attached letter to Governor Spitzer dated January 25th, regarding the preservation and
landmarking of Admiral’s Row in the old Brooklyn NavyYard.  Enclosures listed at the bottom of the letter
can be viewed on the website, under the subject heading "Admiral’s Row".  Of special note on the last sentence, second page of  – (Letter fromUSCOE (United States Corps of Engineers) to National Advisory on Historic Preservation – ref: Admirals’
Row, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn (Kings County) New
York Project – overview, history and current status.
(3 pages)) — "…Although the MOA was completed, the EIS proposes several alternative mitigations the NYC and the BNYDC may consider since the current plans call for the removal of the structures…"  We must discard the Admiral’s Row Memorandum of Agreement which allows the demolition of these undesignated landmarks and preserve our heritage and allow due process to occur.

Landmark Admiral’s Row!!

Petition Governor Spitzer!!!

The Governor
Executive Chamber
Albany, NY 12224
tel: (518) 474-3890 – (go to website to send email)


Scott Witter, Curator
Brooklyn’s Other Museum of Brooklyn
102 Steuben Street
Brooklyn, NY 11205
(718) 789-5218
open tues nights 7-9 pm. or by appointment

Aug 15, 2006 Letter

outlining current status history

of Admirals’ Row

Admirals’ Wall – Transcription

Admiral’s Row!


Death Row!

To Mayor Mayor Bloomberg and former Governor Pataki

Memorandum of Agreement

Submitted to the Advisory Council on Historic


Officers Quarters circa 1904 (Admiral Row)

From "Images of America – The Brooklyn Navy Yard"

by Thomas Berner

(the buildings date from before the Civil War)


1998 Response to the concept of Admirals’ Row Demolition

Letter to Laura Bush

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Map of Brooklyn Navy Yard circa 1900 showing Admiral’s Row

(southwest corner)

Enlargement of Admiral’s Row

Banner Potesting Demolition of Admiral’s Row

July 2005

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Email sent to advisory council on historic Preservation stressing the importance

of the Memorandum of agreement to the Demolition of Admiral’s Row.

Three page fax showing the M.O.A.

(Memorandum of Agreement, a nine year old document allowing thedemolition of Admiral’s Row.)


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Re: Admirals’ Row sight, Old Navy Yard, Brooklyn

September 6, 2005

As per our telephone conversation September 6, 2005 @ 10:45 am

These are the questions I would like answered

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A Statement explaning how the memorandum of Agreement Works

Admirals’ Wall Flushing Ave @ Navy Street Brooklyn

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3 Posters Placed on Admirals Wall Wednesday Dec 7 ’05, Photographed on Thursday, Friday

they had been removed, ripped in half & thrown away.

Teddy Bear Witnessed the whole thing.

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Questions and Answers – Admirals’ Row M.O.A.